Senoia Area Historical Society
History Museum

Origin and Description

Member volunteers, under the leadership of Maureen Schuyler and the guidance of charter member Nancy Roy, opened the museum doors to the community in July 2010.  Any Friday or Saturday between 1pm and 4pm, folks can visit the museum at 6 Couch Street and learn about our unique heritage. The museum is staffed by dedicated historical society members who gladly offer their time and talent to promote and share the history and lore of the Senoia area.  But more often than not, folks come in and share their personal heritage which then becomes part of the story we tell.  What a wonderful partnership – those who know and those who want to know!

The museum consists of five display rooms and a research library.  And we are always evolving and obtaining new artifacts.  Our exhibits span time from Creek Indian Chief William McIntosh’s story in the 1800′s to the movie industry display case featuring the Walking Dead TV series.  There’s much more history between these events, and we invite you to come experience it all.

Museum Staffing

The Museum is staffed by dedicated and friendly member volunteers.  Any member who has a love of Senoia’s history and culture would find great enjoyment in becoming a docent.  Training is available and a time commitment would be at your discretion.  Besides staffing the museum on Fridays and Saturdays, museum volunteers can also act as historical researchers and oral history interviewers.  Also, volunteers are always looking for field trip opportunities to area places of interest.  If being a part of this exciting endeavor feels right for you, please contact us through our website.

Historical/Cultural Donations

The museum utilizes an Acquisition Policy for acquiring artifacts from our Senoia area.  Anyone interested in donating historical/cultural assets is invited to stop in the museum on a Friday or Saturday or contact us here at the website.  Once approval has been obtained, the donations become part of our preserved and treasured resources.  Click here to view the Acquisitions Policy. Visit our Contact Us page to request  more information.

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