The Carmichael Initiative

November 17, 2022

The Carmichael House

The SAHS most valuable artifacts and collections are stored and displayed in the Carmichael House, a Gothic Revival style home built in the 1870s and located at 6 Couch Street in Senoia. The SAHS purchased the home and property in 1990 for the purpose of creating a museum, offices and meeting place for the society. Maintenance of the home and property is an integral part of our mission and a responsibility of the society.

The Carmichael House - SAHS Museum

The Carmichael House is old and in need of repair, and we are responsible. The Board has prioritized these needs based on urgency & cost and has approved repair work for the exterior structure of the building. The structural concerns are critical and must be addressed now.

However, SAHS maintains only one year’s operating expenses on hand. “Extra” funds are not available for capital projects & therefore, must be raised separately. The difference between funds raised & project cost will need to be financed. Thus the need for the Carmichael Initiative.

We need your help to raise money in order to minimize the amount of money borrowed.

How Can You Help?

You can make a one time donation, or sign-up for a monthly donation. You can make your donation via credit or debit card or via PayPal.

Thank You Sponsors

  • Carl E. Smith Building Products
  • Ellis Crook
  • Greg Crook
  • Cindy and Skip King
  • Karen and Tom Nolan
  • Norcom Incorporated
  • Vickie and Sonny Pollard
  • Tina and Brent Scarbrough
  • Susan and Evan Stitt
  • Dave & Rhodena Buck

Please see this Newnan Times Herald article for local coverage about our exciting renovations to the Carmichael House!

You may download the PDF by clicking here.

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